What we’re talking about this week – Round 5.


So here’s something new I’m adding because there’s always a lot of things that are topics of discussion for me and my football loving friends, however they don’t always warrant or inspire a whole post.

1. Clarko’s shove: By the time I started eating breakfast on Sunday morning footage had emerged of Hawks coach Alastair Clarkson shoving a mouthy drunken ‘fan’ following his side’s loss to Port the night before. The ‘fan’, who turned out not to be a Power supporter, took advantage of Clarko’s short fuse and got up in his face carrying on about the loss. Let’s be clear – the ‘fan’ is an idiot. However an AFL level coach should know far better than to react that way and the Hawks’ initial response was disappointing. There’s no behaviour that warrants an assault in retaliation and it wasn’t that surprising that Hawthorn did a 180 in its position 48 hours later. I was pretty much unaware of Clarkson’s very long rap sheet when it comes to losing his temper but not surprised. Caroline Wilson wrote a really great piece that pretty much says everything I want to.

2. Mick’s record: Mick Malthouse breaks Jock McHale’s 714 game coaching record this week when Carlton take on his old side Collingwood. While it’s gotten a lot of media coverage in the past few days, I don’t think football fans are treating it as reverently as they possibly should because Mick’s just given everyone the shits this year. Routinely snappy and surly in interviews, he’s not the kind of guy fans of other teams barrack for. Which is a bit sad but hey, you make your bed…

3. John’s comment: Aren’t the words, “I don’t recall” just code for “I was too pissed to remember”? 3AW breakfast host John Burns said the latter when confronted with allegations he called Richmond payer Bachar Houli a terrorist at last Friday night’s game. He since apologised but hasn’t been able to remember what he apparently said.

4. Port’s win: Yeah, this one was probably just me. But in my defence I did talk about it a LOT.

5. Matt De Boer’s chest: Oh, that was just me again? Really? Nearly 8000 likes and over 500 comments on Instagram – mostly from savvy female fans tagging mates – would beg to differ. Highlight of the week.

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