What we’re talking about this week – Round 6.

Beveridge Bulldogs

1. Hodge and Lewis – Honestly, I thought Hodge would get one and Lewis three, however despite the guilty plead the captain copped three at the MRP and Lewis got an automatic two. Both incidents were pretty grubby despite the apologies that followed, and certainly not what you would expect or hope from players in a team that’s been back-to-back premiers.

2. The Doggies – After a brilliant win against the Swans, Western Bulldogs are the talk of Melbourne. They’re looking pretty good after just five rounds and hopefully new coach Luke Beveridge can keep them going.

3. The covered up race – They’re not happy at Port Adelaide after the Geof Motley race was covered up during the weekend’s Showdown, a game that was technically the Crows’ home match. Motley is a Port Adelaide legend and his name, along with both Port Adelaide logos, is on a sign at the top of the exit. Under a deal the AFC has with Adelaide Oval no Port signage is to be seen during Adelaide matches (and to be fair vice versa), however the covering up of the race just came off as petty.

4. Gambling – Apparently around 30 current players have gambling problems. Bored young men with a lot of cash can make for poor decisions. I think clubs need to work hard to ensure they’re educating players to make better decisions and leadership groups that are aware of people with problems really need to confront it.

5. Queensland – If anyone knows what’s actually going on with footy up there, let us know. We have NFI.

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