What we’re talking about this week – Round 10.


1. Goodesy (again) – Not sure you could start a list like this without Adam Goodes leading it off this week. As some point I’ll marshal my thoughts into something describing how I feel about him and his “war dance” during Indigenous Round (in short, I am supportive of both the dance and the person) but until then I’ll keep it short and simple. The one other point I’d make here is that I think often people can’t separate the action and the person when it comes to Goodes.

2. Hall of Fame – Welcome to Michael O’Loughlin, Jason Akermanis, Peter Bell, Neil Roberts, Bob Hammond and Austin Robertson, and congrats to Tony Lockett on being made a Legend. True story #1: Plugger once told my mum to “fuck off” after she said hello to him at a servo in Pheasants Nest. True story #2: my dad used to have a tiny bell that he’d ring whenever he was watching Freo games and Peter Bell would get the ball. What a family.

3. Out to be in – Lots of talk around who the new coach might be at Carlton with a couple of pundits suggesting that recent appointees to jobs had previously ruled themselves out of positions. Interesting. God I hope Stewie Dew doesn’t go there, he deserves better than that #stillmyfavouriteplayer

4. In but out – Speaking of coaches, both North Melbourne’s Brad Scott and Collingwood’s Nathan Buckley will find themselves on the sidelines after requiring surgery. Scott’s done his back and Bucks a hammy. Not a great month for coaches.

5. Freeze MND – I’ve watched Neale Daniher on TV a few times this week and it’s absolutely heartbreaking to see the effect Motor Neurone Disease has had in him in such a short time. Just a great bloke who has given so much to the game and is now in the midst of the fight of his life – and still thinking of others. Just devastating. As Tim Watson said on the Footy Show, “Even if you give up a cup of coffee this week, just $5, then every bit counts.” You can donate to the cause here and hope the Demons get a win for him on Monday.

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