Adam Goodes

What we’re talking about this week – Round 10.


1. Goodesy (again) – Not sure you could start a list like this without Adam Goodes leading it off this week. As some point I’ll marshal my thoughts into something describing how I feel about him and his “war dance” during Indigenous Round (in short, I am supportive of both the dance and the person) but until then I’ll keep it short and simple. The one other point I’d make here is that I think often people can’t separate the action and the person when it comes to Goodes.

2. Hall of Fame – Welcome to Michael O’Loughlin, Jason Akermanis, Peter Bell, Neil Roberts, Bob Hammond and Austin Robertson, and congrats to Tony Lockett on being made a Legend. True story #1: Plugger once told my mum to “fuck off” after she said hello to him at a servo in Pheasants Nest. True story #2: my dad used to have a tiny bell that he’d ring whenever he was watching Freo games and Peter Bell would get the ball. What a family.

3. Out to be in – Lots of talk around who the new coach might be at Carlton with a couple of pundits suggesting that recent appointees to jobs had previously ruled themselves out of positions. Interesting. God I hope Stewie Dew doesn’t go there, he deserves better than that #stillmyfavouriteplayer

4. In but out – Speaking of coaches, both North Melbourne’s Brad Scott and Collingwood’s Nathan Buckley will find themselves on the sidelines after requiring surgery. Scott’s done his back and Bucks a hammy. Not a great month for coaches.

5. Freeze MND – I’ve watched Neale Daniher on TV a few times this week and it’s absolutely heartbreaking to see the effect Motor Neurone Disease has had in him in such a short time. Just a great bloke who has given so much to the game and is now in the midst of the fight of his life – and still thinking of others. Just devastating. As Tim Watson said on the Footy Show, “Even if you give up a cup of coffee this week, just $5, then every bit counts.” You can donate to the cause here and hope the Demons get a win for him on Monday.

What we’re talking about this week – round 9.


1. Indigenous Round – What is it about themed rounds that brings out all the flogs? Every year, whether it’s Indigenous round, women’s round, the anti-homophobia games, social media gets clogged up with tossers who demand to know when it’s white straight male round. Some of the comments want to make me cry when I realise how much ignorance still exists in the community.

2. Mick’s gone – So, anyone surprised that Malthouse didn’t see out the season at the Blues? Nah, didn’t think so. I think it’s pretty tough to blame just one man for the mediocrity of 50 and there’s no doubt that at the end the club didn’t pay him the respect he richly deserved. Enjoy retirement Mick.

3. The great jumper swap – When Geelong’s Cam Guthrie played against his childhood hero Chris Judd last Friday night, he made good on a promise to himself that he’d one day ask for the Carlton great’s jumper. I think it was a very sweet moment and shows that doesn’t matter if you’re playing at the highest level, you still have heroes to look up to.

4. Boooooo – So why do they boo Goodesy? That seems to be the biggest question of the week. Hawks fans have come into question (though they are certainly not the only ones who do it) and claim it’s not motivated by race. Colour me sceptical. This is still one of the best pieces I’ve read on the subject.

5. One point – To divert from AFL for just a second because it’s Origin time aka most important time of the year for a New South Welshperson: one fucking point. You’re killing me NSW. You better bring it in game two, that’s all I’m saying.