What we’re talking about this week – Round 8.

brion the lion

1. Fyfe’s still in it – Say what you like about Nat Fyfe’s trip, I actually think the tribunal made the right call on this one. $1000 fine seems about right and it wouldn’t have sat comfortably for me if he was wiped out of the Brownlow running over what looked to be incredibly minor.

2. Old man Crawf – So I’m a bit late to this one but this week someone put me on to the Footy Show‘s Old Man Crawf segment with Melbourne players Bernie Vince and Jack Watts – I’ve watched it three times so far and each time I’ve cried with laughter. As in, had to wipe genuine tears from my face. It’s absolute gold and poor Bernie tries so hard, what a good kid.

3. Power failure – Everyone (myself clearly included) had them pencilled it for grand finalists at the very least and we knew they had the worst draw out of all the teams, however Port Adelaide’s start to the year has everyone wondering just where that side that fell only three points short of making last year’s GF has gone? They look tired and ineffective and getting flogged by Brisbane won’t go down as one for the highlights reel. Hopefully they lift this week and send Kane Cornes off in style.

4. Concussion, what concussion? – Nick Riewoldt’s head injury put concussions back on everyone’s list of talking points. How many is too many? What is the impact on life post footy? In the end concussions forced Lions’ great Jonathan Brown out of the game and given Riewoldt’s history of head knocks it might see him go the same way.

5. Brion the Lion – I’d say Brisbane can’t be serious but hey, they beat Port. Also you know you’ve made it when someone creates a fake Twitter account for you.